Allegra is the main character and protagonist in the children’s show Allegra’s Window. She is three years old, and she goes to Little Blue Daycare. She has an older brother named Rondo, and her best friend is Lindi the puppy. She is voiced by Kathryn Miller thoughout the entire series.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit


Allegra is a pink puppet, like the rest of her family. Her hair is really curly and it has all sorts of colors on it, like pink, purple, magenta, orange, and yellow. It is down in most of the episodes, and it is rarely done, although her hair was put in two ponytails in Doodlehead, and one ponytail in Pony, No Baloney. She is often considered a “Doodlehead”, like her mother, judging by her hair. She has bright black and blue eyes, a small nose, and has a very squeaky voice. She usually wears orange overalls with a lime blue-dotted shirt, blue overalls with a yellow shirt, or colorful overalls with a orange and yellow striped t-shirt. She also wears a green headband with a green and blue clip-on. (Red and black bow in past-Season 1 episodes) Her pajamas are usually footie white pajamas or yellow plane pajamas. On Pony, No Baloney and Mr. Cook’s Christmas, she wore a light blue cardigan with a pony on it.


She is a very adventurous but also a very funny three year old girl. She likes to look outside her window to see what the world is up too, and sometime after it she wonders about it. She also gets ready for daycare in most episodes, and on her way there she makes stops around the alley telling everyone the latest gossip she has heard. When she gets to daycare, she usually tells her teacher Miss Melody about the latest things she has saw, or, just plays around there. After daycare, she does the same thing when she does on her way there. She likes to play with her friends a lot, especially Lindi and Poco. She also likes to hang out with Rondo and Riff occasionally too, even though they sometimes tease her.

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